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Marsha Klindworth
Library Trainee

It’s not often that someone can say she found their dream job at 74. Klindworth enrolled in the Senior Community Service Employment Program as a way to learn something new, and augment her income, which had become limited. Klindworth’s work, over the course of her SCSEP assignment, did not go unnoticed. She was hired in her library trainee position and she couldn’t be more thrilled. “It’s taken some time, but I’ve found my dream job,” she said.

Jose E. Santiago Perez
Security Guard

After working as an industrial machinery technician for 30 years, Jose lost his job when the company ceased operations in 2006. Through SCSEP, he was assigned to the Municipality of Ponce where he began training in custodial work. Through all the services he received through SCSEP, he landed an interview for a security position and was soon hired for a full-time job, with full benefits. “I couldn’t have found this job without the help of the Senior Community Service Employment Program,” says Perez.

Greta Ellis
Laundry Worker

After a series of unfortunate set-backs and desperate to find work, Greta struggled to make ends meet. “I found out about SCSEP while riding the bus,” says Ellis. "It was my last hope" She was thrilled to begin a paid community service assignment where she received training as a janitor. When a 28 hour per week, $11.25 an hour position opened up at the same assigned agency in the laundry department, Ellis had the confidence to apply for and get the job. She's back on the path of self-sufficiency.


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